An Introduction to a New World: Medical Technology

Being a Biologist is incomparable to being a future Medical Laboratory Scientist. Of course they are quite alike, but there is something in both courses that made you so proud of it.

Introduction to Medical Technology gave me an insight that I really am a medical student. I learned all the basics here, from the simple prefix-suffix that will create a medical term, which is very useful up until the hardest subjects I am enrolled now. It was also  nostalgic that I am studying the different PAMET and PASMETHs President because even though I am still a student, I get to know each of them and their contribution/s to Medical Technology.

I also correlated my past and present subjects because from the basics of IMT, I get to broaden my knowledge to a higher level. That is why I was so excited when I enrolled my HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY class because I only studied PLANT AnaPhy way back in college (since Human AnaPhy is not part of Biology curriculum). Just like, on what I learned in our General Microbiology is nothing but just an introduction on what I am studying now in BACTERIOLOGY (well at least I have a background)This made me more conscious to my hygiene and dietary intake and etc.., reminding myself that I have a normal flora that might be opportunistic at some time..

Never had I imagined that if in Biology, frogs and plants (sometimes cats, birds, sharks) was our tool, now, syringe is becoming my life. It was so surreal whenever I realized that HEMATOLOGY taught me on how to extract blood from a human and perform different tests the blood supposed to undergone. (I was so proud of myself that I now know how to extract blood by ETS and Syringe Method because Biology taught me Capillary Puncture only)

I am also learning new laboratory techniques and procedures in Clinical Chemistry, that I haven’t learned in my Biology class.

It was really interesting that I got to test my own blood and body wastes, and whenever I feel uncomfortable, paranoia hits me. So I always checked my body fluids and relates it to what I have learned in AUBF, self-diagnosing myself what disease might I have acquired by checking signs and symptoms which CPH imparted me. (We also performed Urinalysis and Fecalysis in Biology, but not as broad as what AUBF is teaching me)

These was just an Introduction to the real life scenario of being a Medical Technologist not only in the laboratory,but also in our daily lives. I am looking forward to more life and laboratory experiences Medical Laboratory Science will disclose me, for I know I have more than that of the four corners of the laboratory hospital, because the more I learn, the stranger I recognized life has become, and behind every Doctor is a great Medical Technologist who help them in saving a patient’s life.

I was just so fortunate that I had given this chance to experience being a Biologist and eventually to practice Medical Technology. I couldn’t be more satisfied whenever I reflect that I have two professions, that when I get tired of one, I have the other but neither really loses anything since I got the best of both world.

-Madielaine, Biologist and hopefully future RMT


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