Just MedTech Epiphanies

Everything in our lives can be profoundly explained by science. As time goes on, science has always been keeping up with man’s understanding so that man won’t be ignorant about some things like before and as a student in the field of Medical Laboratory Science/ Medical Technologist or in colloquial terms, MedTech, I can deeply relate these every bit of changes and impulses that my body undergoes without my conscious mind’s knowledge.

When I get sick, my knowledge of basic Anatomy and Physiology tells me how antibodies fight off the antigens that made me sick; with simple things as this, I’m not worried because I’m well aware of what’s happening within my body. When I eat hams or pork, I always think maybe a Trichinella spiralis might be tucked somewhere in the muscle fibers of the meat that’s too minute to be seen by the naked eye. When I had just taken a leak, there comes a time I imagine how my urine is formed just like they taught us in AUBF. And because of Bacteriology, I’m very meticulous on what I touch and I’m very keen on my surroundings because bacteria are said to be ubiquitous so I there’s a big chance that I might catch a pathogenic one. With Clinical Chemistry, I know very well how to extract blood and run it into a test depending on what  I am supposed to find.

With these simple things, I relate every bit of what I learned in every aspects of my life. What’s awesome is it differentiates me from the commonwealth that by understanding these things that are unfathomable to other people, it gives me a bit of superiority in the aspect of medical rationality; To understand this profoundly gave me a reason to be in awe and made me have an epiphany that without the small things that make us function, humanity will cease to function properly. To appreciate the small things that are already there and make us who we are is great and the right thing to do rather than appreciating something colossal but doesn’t affect you as a person is total moot. Knowing all the things I know makes me have epiphanies and it made me more rational than ever before.


— Patrick Abarquez, RMT (soon), MD (sooner)


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