Would you mess your life?

A thought came into my mind . Why not zap on anyone whose currently reading about what medtechs really do, or to a freshman medtech student what his or her course is really about. As I browse throughout the internet, I saw a meme about medtech. “We mess our lives to save yours”



Medical laboratory science or so known as medical technology is a profession not as famous as nurses or doctors. Their job is confined in four corners and six sections of the laboratory. These sections are bacteriology, hematology, blood bank, clinical chemistry, clinical microscopy, and histopathology . Ever wonder how exhausting is it to work in the laboratory where medtechs has so much power through their lab results. I know you had just that big question mark in your head after what I said. Well ironically, it is true that medtechs have their power, but not as powerful as God is. I am talking about their power to save lives, and on the other side, to cause death. Without medtechs, doctor can’t diagnose one’s disease. Without the diagnosis, the patient won’t be treated. Thus, may cause death. When a medtech had released an inaccurate result, for example a mismatched blood type, with just few minutes or even seconds after transfusing, the patient may immediately die because of mismatched blood. Also, this causes death. However, with proper diagnosis with accurate clinical results, a medtech can save lives. That’s how much power one medical technologist have in his or her hands. 💉


To be a medtech student needs real determination. Would you be willing to memorize words, have sleepless nights, be depressed on near-failing grades, waste glass slides just to make a perfect smear, be exposed to bacteria, urine and poop, take long quizzes and endure the ring of the timer for practical exams? But why do these students chose this kind of path leading to their career? Simply because they mess their lives, to save yours.

Now that I had given an idea to you how critical the medical technology course is, my question now would you mess your your life to save others’?



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