CPH Activity: Self Actualization and Self Expression

The experience of self discovery will aid us to understand the nuance of who and what we are. Our experiences, the hard and the good times has helped us to shape ourselves into the person we are today. In this activity, I have learned a lot about myself, I was able to scrutinize what I really need in my life and the things that I should do. By understanding myself deeper, I was able to make smarter decisions and create a satisfying life. Instead of hating and hurting my being about the things that I couldn’t do, I have discovered how to love myself more, embrace my imperfections and continue to strive for a better life. I’ve shredded out the insecurities that are with me, the baggage that has kept on pulling me down and focus on the things that I should aim.

Self actualization taught me how to distinguish my true self most especially in identifying my strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities that are waiting for me and the threats that are ominously ready to detain me. Knowing our abilities could help us to stabilize our future and narrow our choices and decision making right away because we already know what we could do. My might helped me to branch out and ascend even higher, and achieve more than what I thought. My shortcomings made me feel strong because it boost my strengths by increasing my focus on doing my best and overcome overthinking and making things worst.

I am one of those waiters who sit around and wait for the opportunity to come to me but refuse to take it. It may be easy to say “when opportunity comes, go and grab it!” but when you’re shy and unconfident with your abilities you might turn your back and decline it, I have been through a lot of these and I blamed no one but myself. And this activity helped me to be determined in facing things that can make me hesistant to do what I can do, and now that I’m aware of them, I won’t be afraid to do anything and proudly express myself and my abilities.

-Collin Camemo (written on December 2, 2014)


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