Laboratory Management

The first thing that comes to your mind once you have heard the word management is always synonymous to marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Aside from that, persons involved are always business managers. But did you know that clinical laboratories also have and needs management. Studying laboratory management is needed for the course Medical Laboratory Science or more known as Medical Technology. Management is a process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They are performed to accomplish objectives through the presence of people and resources. Now that you know theoretically what management is, let us help you to know more about laboratory management.




The subject laboratory management has wide scope. It includes primarily who are laboratory managers, their qualifications, objectives and duties and all about managing a clinical laboratory. According to Peter Drucker, a good laboratory manager must be efficient, who does things right; and effective, who does the right things. Apart from these, laboratory management also foresees the state of the laboratory facility. It includes overseeing its equipments, stocks, waste management, and also human resources.


Caris Lean Lines.jpg

In addition, the subject “Laboratory Management” gives you knowledge what it takes to be an effective and good manager, how to run, and how the system and laws works for a clinical laboratory. Establishing a clinical lab is really expensive. It deals with huge cost so if I were the manager, I really would be careful and efficient in my systems so that no further damages will be cost. Also, being a good laboratory manager not only needs knowledge but also heart to serve people and fulfill tasks effectively.



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