Pharmacology In Our Lives


PHARMACOLOGY, or simply the study of drugs. Yes, Drugs that might be addictive or not.. I already worked in a Pharmaceutical Company as a Microbiologist that is why I have an idea on how do they manufacture drugs. So this blog will give you an insight about it and why Pharmacology is an interesting subject, for me.

Working in a Pharmaceutical Company gave me a wonderful experience that I will never forget, since it gave me so much knowledge that I will surely use in my chosen career. However, I am still having a hard time in my Pharmacology class because of the different mechanisms the drug needs to undergone in our body, that I haven’t learned on my previous work.

Have you ever wonder how the drugs are made and how it affects our body? With the right amount of a simple Sugar, Flavorings, Colorant and of course the Active Ingredient that makes a drug a  “drug”(Amoxicillin, Paracetamol, Ascorbic Acid for example) and proper computation for its assay to establish its effectivity and shelf-life, packaged in an amber bottle (if it is a syrup or a suspension), or blister foil (if it is a tablet or a capsule), sealed in a box, you can manufacture a drug. And this drug can help us to gain our appetite or even save our lives. How? by attaching to its specific receptors and activating the function of the cells on its target tissues.

Have you ever wonder why drugs came in different forms, shapes and sizes? Drugs come in different forms (such as syrup, oral drops, suspension, tablet, caplet or capsule) and serve different purposes. There are pharmaceutical drugs that are used for the treatment, cure and prevention of certain disease. There are also psychoactive drugs that affects the central nervous system, altering perceptions, moods and consciousness. There are also recreational drugs that are not used for medicinal purposes but rather to enhance one’s physical or mental well-being.

It was so ecstatic that  I am not a Pharmacist nor a Doctor but we are studying drugs, that will give us Medtechs an advantage on how to self-medicate ourselves. Pharmacology is quite a hard to understand subject, but nonetheless, it is really an interesting one.

It also gave us a moral that even if drugs are beneficial to us, it can also be very dangerous if misused or abused. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” It’s apparent that drugs can have great healing powers but they must also be used responsibly to avoid abuse and possible addiction.



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