Histology is the study of tissues, including their role in our body, their anatomy, their interaction with body systems and the ways they are affected by a disease. I remember back when I was just started taking my histology subject, I don’t have that much idea about histology. Honestly, at first I thought it was going to be a boring subject for me, but as I got to know more about it I have learned that studying histology is very important especially in our course medical technology.


It is important for us to know more about histology because like I have said earlier studying histology enables us to know how tissues are structured and how they work, Knowing what a normal tissue looks like and how it normally works is important for recognizing different diseases. Diseases occur because normal tissues are harmed or do the wrong thing. Studying histology helps us in figuring out what causes certain diseases, how to treat those diseases, and whether the treatment has worked.




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