Medical Technology Laws and Bioethics

Medical technology laws and bioethics is a prerequisite of Introduction to Medical Technology with Science, Technology and Society (IMTSTS), this course it deals with various laws that related to the Medical Laboratory Science profession and explain the ethical principles relative to health. These recognize the rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities of a medical technologist in the practice of the profession. It emphasizes the laws that you have to know as a Medical technologist, the laws that give you learning’s about your rights and limitations with your profession. There are also presentations happening in this subject, like performing the Code of Ethics of Medical Technology and the Medical Technology Prayer that  will enhance your skills in acting, talking and having a creative mind to perform your tasks and you need to memorize it all, you can perform them in anyways. In here familiarizing or memorizing the Republic Acts that makes you feel like you are a lawyer already. You can enjoy this subject because of the rights you have that allude you how special your profession is.


You have your rights but there are also limitations must know in our profession. It is important to know our laws in our profession; it makes you feel how worthy your license is because our license is being sacrificed here and without the license as Registered Medical Technologist, you can’t have your job anymore that you ever dreamed of and all the sacrifices you’ve done in this field it will be gone forever. So, be careful about what you work for. Always be honest, and if you get tired with your work take a rest but don’t quit. Always think about your patient’s health and to save a life is the purpose of having a medical technologist in this world because behind every doctor there’s a great Medical technologist.



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