Parasitology 101


We live in a world where survival takes a toll; often times a painful one. We human beings thrive to survive in our everyday lives because life is not for sissies. We tend to do what is necessary to ensure that we can make it through whatever it is that we’re up against. Case in point, we aren’t the only ones capable of doing whatever it takes to survive, think bigger and you’ll be surprised what minute species are those. There are bacteria and viruses but there are also parasites.

Yep, parasites. This devious microorganism are capable of survival if need be or given an opportunity by occupying a host. Basically, some parasites don’t inhibit harm but most of them, they are deadly if they’re left unchecked.

Parasites undergo morphological changes once inside the body which can lead to its pathogenicity. Some parasites has a pathogenic determinant or a part of them that radically contributes to their ability to cause disease. Parasites attacks their host by either ingestion, skin penetration or through a vector-bite such as mosquitoes. Once inside the host, parasites finds a habitat preferably an organ where it will lay its eggs. People’s perception of parasites is that they live in intestine and can be expelled by deworming but that’s an understandable misconception. Parasites can live in organs such as liver, red blood cells, muscles, the meninges of the brain and lungs causing them to malfunction or worse, fatal failure. What’s interesting is these parasites are different species but they have some striking resemblance to each other that’s why a MedTech would have to be clever enough to differentiate them otherwise it can cause misdiagnosis. So in cases such like this, a patient’s life depends on the accuracy of the findings of the MedTech. Fortunately, parasites are treatable with the right drug and dose as long as it’s treated immediately.


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Luckily, prevention and control are established to somehow lessen the cases of parasitic infections. These parasites are everywhere that’s why being aware of these things and their ways of preventing it are important. Studying this stuff can help you save lives someday and who knows, maybe one day you can eradicate some of these parasites but you can never know.. Unless you study it. 🙂





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