Cytogenetics Must-Know

Cytogenetics is the study of inheritance in relation to the structure and function of chromosomes. Chromosomes are 23 in pairs which make your genome. A chromosome contains hundreds to thousands of genes. When the chromosomes condense then we call it prophase. And when they line up then it is called metaphase. When they pull apart then we call it anaphase. And when they divide into two cells that is called the telophase.

Genetics is the study of heredity. Pass it on traits for more than personality and characteristics of the first generation to the next generations. Every living thing had to come from a parent, each generation can become a bit different. Gregor Mendel was the first to show how this happened. By cross-breeding pea plants and contemplate the patterns. That’s why he called as the “Father of modern genetics”.


The DNA must be in a double helix like a spiral staircase, it becomes visible through the use of a microscope. Learning how lines get built through genetic codes with G is paired with C and T is paired to A. But a gene doesn’t read like a horoscope, it won’t tell your future but it can bring a little hope because some of the genes are linked to diseases, these happened because of random mutations cause flaws in sequences.



The genes I’m talking about they controlling on your traits, from the color of your skin to the shape of your face. Genes have different versions that we can call it alleles, they come in pairs of two T’s (uppercase) which means dominant and small t means allele is recessive. If both parents pass on the same alleles it’s homozygous, if they different well it’s heterozygous. If you wonder why the color of your eyes is blue you can trace it through your Punnet Square. Many things you can trace in Punnet square like having a cousin with Down syndrome and etc. Learning about your family health history through Pedigree which is a list of ancestors or a family tree which you may notice that a certain disease is prevalent in your family, and this pattern may point to genes as the cause.


Cytogenetics is to examine or study the chromosomes, their abnormalities and how these abnormalities can affect human development and cause diseases. And to study also about hereditary from your ancestor’s generation down to your generation and to the next generation.  It is really exciting to study about what you are, who you are,who you will be and what you are right now. So, you must be thankful to your ancestors because of the good genes they gave to you like the way your look, the color of your skin, eyes and hair that you must be proud of. We are all unique in our on way that’s because we are all born with a unique genetic blueprint which makes our characteristics of our personality and appearance but you must create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Stand tall and let your beauty shine.




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