In our Histology, they taught us the components of different types of muscle. This time it’s different. Histopathology is the study of of changes in tissues caused by a disease.

Histopathology involves a biopsy where they will get a small piece of the muscle affected and then test it under the microscope by a pathologist. Depending on his or her specialist training and main area of work, the pathologist may be more accurately referred to as a histopathologist because medical specialists who study and interpret diseased tissues in microscopic detail are histopathologists. However, in the cases of some pathologists, examination of diseased tissues in microscopic detail may only be a relatively minor part of their overall professional responsibilities so the term “histopathologist” may not always be used. A pathologist or histopathologist studies specimens of cells and tissue after a sample has been removed from the patient, processed using special histological techniques.




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